Express Capture in WooCommerce


How to setup address capture in WooCommerce in 3 steps

The following instructions assume you currently use Google Tag Manager with your WooCommerce store. If you don’t currently use Google Tag Manger to assist with your digital marketing we have created a step by step guide on how to set it up and configure WooCommerce to use it.

Click here to Setting up Google Tag Manager with WooCommerce

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Step 1 – Create an Express Capture Account

Creating an Express Capture account is easy, simply go to the Registration page and enter your details. This will not only create for you an Express Capture account but also provide you with a FREE trial.


Once you have created your account you’ll need to go to your My Account page and then click “Setup Express Capture


Setup Express Capture

Copy the code snippet

Express Capture code

And make a note of the Verification Code for later.

Express Capture Verification Code

Step 2 – Create a new tag in Google Tag Manager

Sign into your Google Tag Manager account and create a new Tag.

Create a new WooCommerce Tag

Give the tag a name and select “Custom HTML Tag” as the tag type

Add tag name

Now in the HTML window paste the code snippet from the Express Capture setup page.

Add Express Capture code sinppet

Next you’ll need to add a Firing Rule to make sure Express Capture is only activating on your Check Out page.

To do so first you need to open a new tab in your internet browser and go to your WooCommerce store.

Go to the WooCommerce checkout page and copy its URL

Copy WooCommerce url

Return to the Google Tag Manager page

Press the Add Firing Rule button

Firing Rule

Add a name for the Rule, change the rule type to “equals” and paste your checkout page URL into the rule criteria box. Then press Save

Add Rule Name

Note: you can also use the rule type “ends with” and use the end of your URL line, for example use the ending “checkout/onepage/”. This is useful if your store is called from different domains. The important thing is that the new tag you are creating is only used on your checkout page.

Press Save to save your new Tag.

Save Rule

Then press “Publish” to make your new Tag go live.

Published Tag
Publish Tag

Step 3 – Configure Express Capture on your Checkout page

Return to your Checkout page and press the Refresh button on your internet browser.

You should now see the Express Capture configuration screen at the bottom of you Checkout page as seen below.

Now enter the Express Capture Verification Code that you took note of in step 1 and then press the “Enter” button.

Adding Address Capture into WooCommerce

Press “No” to make sure the field mapping is correct.

Press the “B” button.

Express Capture mapping in WooCommerce form

Then make sure all the fields are mapped correctly, making a special note to make sure “region” is mapped to “County” (not Country). The fields on the left may be prefixed with either “shipping:” or “billing:”, either is ok. Just make sure all the prefixes are the same.

Note: if you are capturing addressing from Australia and New Zealand, you may want to remove the “company” mapped field as  the data does not include Australian and New Zealand company names.

When complete press “Done”.

Mapping fields

Now place your cursor in the Address field and try typing in an address.

Test Express Capture

Select an address and make sure all the address fields have been copied to the correct fields.

Address capture selection

If not all of the address fields copied correctly press the “No” button and re-adjust the field mapping and try again.

Once the fields are all coping correctly press the “Yes” button.


Address field

And the press “Close”

Address Capture in WooCommerce

That’s it, you’re done. Rapid address capture will now be available FREE to all customers that visit your site for the length of trial. After your trial has finished (or just before) simply go your Express Capture My Account page to Topup your account with more credit. There is no further configuration to do.


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