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Reduce cart abandonment & increase sales with Express Capture.

Predictive address capture and validation may not seem the obvious path to increasing online sales – but if you are an eCommerce retailer you may already know that the cart abandonment rate average is just over 68% (reported by the Baymard Institute). There are many reasons why shoppers abandon their cart, but 21% of people polled by Worldpay say they abandon the cart because the checkout process took too long.

This is where Express Capture’s predictive address validation can help!

Express Capture is designed to simplify capturing an address by predictively listing possible addresses as the customer types. When their address is listed the customer clicks on it and Express Capture automatically fills in all the address fields for them. It’s quick, easy and speeds up your checkout process. If using Express Capture can convert even 10% of the above shoppers who abandoned the cart due to it being long or complicated – imagine the increase in sales that could generate!

Work out how much cart abandonment is costing you!

If the average cart abandonment rate is 68% you can work out your estimated monthly loss with the following formula:

(Ave monthly number of checkout visits x Ave order value) x 0.68  = Estimated Monthly Loss

e.g. If your Ave Monthly Visits – 25,000 & Ave Order Value – $50

(25,000 x $50) x 0.68 = $850,000 a month loss due to cart abandonment!

See Express Capture in action!

Start typing in your address below to see how quick and easy it will be for your clients to start typing their address and have the form automatically filled in!

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Advantages of Express Capture in reducing cart abandonment

  • Express Capture’s predictive search makes it quick and easy for your customer to enter their address.
  • This reduces their frustration and makes for happier customers.
  • Happy customers are often repeat customers.
  • Plus you have the added bonus of knowing the address is validated – reducing lost deliveries and the time taken to chase them up.


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