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Excellence. Dedication. Innovation.

DataTools have been providing innovative software solutions for over 20 years. Our aims are:

  • To deliver on our promise of quality software with the very best service.
  • To develop and fully support world leading software locally in Australia
  • To provide fixed pricing, no pushy sales tactics and no tie-in contracts.

DataTools started in the early 90s by supplying sophisticated data services to many of Australia’s largest companies who found that the software offerings of the time from overseas didn’t know how to best deal with Australian data. Our vast experience in turning poor quality Australian data into high quality name and address data was translated into creating Australia’s first easy to use and affordable data quality software that was specifically built to deal with Australian data. DataTools extended this knowledge by creating desktop based software for mail preparation in Australia way back in 1999 when Australia Post introduced the Postal Barcoding system. We anticipated the growing need to move away from network based systems and create easy to use PC based software that quickly became the postal production software of choice. Now with the shift to cloud based software, innovative plugin tools and Software as a Service (SaaS), DataTools is once again leading the way. Our new software offerings provide the the flexibility, scalability and ease of access that clients are moving towards, all whilst still committing to our promise of quality software with unlimited support.

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